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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Bob Wachtel Part 2

Backgammon expert Bob Wachtel pays us a return visit, discussing some of the colorful players (and cheats!) of the good old days, plus how the game today is different than it was a few decades ago.

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Show Notes

00:00] Introduction of backgammon expert and author Bob Wachel

[00:49] Gaby Horowitz and the Cavendish West

[08:58] Stan Tomchin, Gaby Horowitz and discussion of cheaters

[19:54] Steve Sax

[22:21] Japanese and Danish backgammon players

[37:32] South Point Casino July Promotions: $600k "Mad Money" casino-wide progressives

[38:21] - The gold membership offers correction on most games

[38:56] Why are the best players in poker so much younger than the best players in backgammon?

[42:54] Bob Watchel's second place finish in the Monte Carlo tournament

[44:57] How does an opponent's demeanor affect Bob Watchel's play?

[47:09] The use of chess clocks in backgammon tournaments

In the Game into the End by Bob Wachtel

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