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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Bob Wachtel

Our guest this week is backgammon expert Bob Wachtel, who discusses his book "In the Game Until the End: Winning in Ace-Point Endgames." Wachtel and both co-hosts knew each other at the Cavendish West backgammon club in the late 1970s and we discuss how each of the backgammon clubs of the era was a bit different.

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Show Notes

00:00] Introduction of backgammon expert and author, Bob Watchel

[00:47] Bob's gambling background in chess and backgammon

[05:25] The Cavendish West in Los Angeles

[13:30] Chouette discussion

[19:45] The Mayfair Club in New York City

[27:52] Did Bob ever consider moving into poker?

[30:52] Paul Magriel

[35:40] Discussion of Bob's book, In the Game Until the End: Winning in Ace-Point Endgames

[44:38] South Point Casino July Promotion: Mad Money casino-wide progressives

[45:28] Gold Membership offers correction on most games

[46:04] Coup Classique

[53:03] Book availability and Bob's contact information

In the Game Until the End: Winning in Ace-Point Endgames by Bob Wachtel

Paul Magriel Memorial Tribute by Robert Wachtel

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