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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Andrew Uyal and Anthony Curtis

This week our guests are Andrew Uyal and Anthony Curtis. They are on to discuss Andrew's new book, The Blackjack Insiders.

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Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction of guests Andrew Uyal, author of The Blackjack Insiders and Anthony Curtis from Huntington Press
[00:37]  Andrew's content on
[02:02]  What makes The Blackjack Insiders unique?
[03:43]  Did Andrew ever get heat from his employer about playing blackjack?
[05:20]  Does Andrew's employer ever ask for his opinion about possible counters?
[06:13]  Barbary Coast discussion, sweat stories, and Dustin Marks
[09:31]  Andrew's card counting partner and discussion of casino employees' knowledge of games
[15:32]  Andrew goes on the road, playing without a players card, and back-off discussion
[31:00]  South Point Casino September Promotion - South Point 400 City Lights Shine bottles and free video poker classes
[31:53] - Gold Membership offers strategy correction on most games
[33:19]  How did Andrew respond to being ID'd?  Double deck vs shoe games
[37:05]  Are the looser games at the Cromwell attracting more players?
[41:36]  Salary ranges for floor and pit employees?
[44:10]  Discussion of pooling tips
[49:24]  The Eldorado acquisition of Caesars Entertainment
[50:46]  The blackjack scene in Seattle

The Blackjack Insiders by Andrew Uyal
The Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin
Cheating at Blackjack by Dustin Marks
The 21st Century Card Counter by Colin Jones

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