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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - guest Bob Nersesian

This week we continue our discussion with Bob Nersesian, and then Bob and I dip into the mail bag.

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Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction of gaming attorney Bob Nercessian
[00:33]  Are there any different rules for gambling in U.S. territories?
[01:22]  Cashing chips without showing ID in Colorado
[06:38]  Has Bob ever represented any baccarat players?
[07:26]  Manipulation of slot club points in Biloxi
[10:14]  Changes in civil forfeiture laws
[12:31]  Using markers to pay of other debts
[14:09]  Should chips from a London casino be declared at the U.S. border?
[15:20]  Could creating vouchers in advance be considered money laundering?
[19:15]  W2Gs that are under $1200 excluding the cost of the bet
[20:49]  Would texting about a hot shoe violate the device law?
[24:21]  South Point Casino - more than 10,000 games returning 99%+, free video poker classes
[26:16] - Gold membership offers correction on most games
[27:11]  Recommended
[31:51]  What are the must-read books about advantage play?
[32:33]  Does Bob recommend playing video poker to grow a bankroll?
[38:05]  What movies has Richard been in?
[38:35]  What is an acceptable starting blackjack bankroll?
[40:08]  Blackjack the Discord
[40:40]  Capping a machine
[42:56]  Stories about the first card counters
[44:00]  One2Six shufflers in Macau
[46:25]  Pitch games in Tunica and Biloxi
[48:41]  How do you fake losses?
[49:58]  Do big players provide cover to bet bigger?
[52:09]  Keeping your name clean, playing as a refusal
[53:18]  Is it better to play two hands of ten units or one hand of twenty?
[54:27]  Triple Double Bonus Triple Play bankroll question
[56:55]  A 200-hour blackjack losing streak


Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks
Repeat Until Rich by Josh Axelrad
Advanced Tactics in Casino Advantage Play by Abram Alexander
Comp City by Max Rubin
21st Century Card Counter by Colin Jones

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