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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Gambling With an Edge - guest Frank B on dice control

Our guest this week is Frank B on to talk in depth about dice control.  This is part one, and part two will be in a few weeks.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Sound quality information for this episode
[00:40] Introduction of Frank B and the topic of dice control.
[01:12] Mattress Mack bets on the Kentucky Derby
[03:55] Did Mack's betting affect the price of his horse?
[05:30] Frank's background in dice control
[09:26] How did the Golden Nugget react to the dice control experiment?
[13:50] Did Frank B pay for dice control lessons?
[16:42] Inputting roll data
[18:08] How many rolls were ultimately recorded?
[21:00] Hitting the wall
[25:20] Table grading
[29:56] Evaluating the edge
[38:04] South Point Casino May Promotions - Half-Priced Gas and Goods, Memorial Day Hot Seat, and others
[39:30] - card counting training site and community, there will be bootcamps this summer
[40:39] Returning to the best tables
[50:21] Mexican casinos and tax on winnings
[53:07] Recommended - Honey Salt in Summerlin, Michihito Kageyama on Youtube, Tunity app

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