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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Gambling With an Edge - bettor, Spanky

 Our guest this week is professional sports bettor, Spanky.  We talk about the upcoming Bet Bash, a convention for gamblers.

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Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction of sports bettor, Spanky
[00:43]  Spanky's podcast
[02:22]  Bet Bash at Circa in Las Vegas
[09:55]  Networking at Bet Bash
[18:54]  Bet Bash at Stadium Swim
[20:09]  Bet Bash expert panels
[25:57]  Showing ID at Circa
[31:14]  The Art of Bookmaking seminar
[33:36]  South Point Casino Promotions - $500k Hot Seat in January, Feb $500k Cupid's Money Madness casino-wide progressives
[34:56] - card counting training site and advantage play community with software and tracking tools
[35:37] - Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners
[36:53]  Sunday night Bet Bash party at The Legacy Club
[39:02]  Monday Bookie Bettor Brunch
[39:45]  NCAAB Championship watch party at Circa sportsbook
[41:17]  Discounted hotel rooms for Bet Bash
[42:00]  Optional Bet Bash seminars available at additional cost
[46:35]  How has the expansion of sports betting in the U.S. affected Spanky?
[49:24]  NFL props
[51:43]  Opening lines
[54:05]  Recommended:  Ozark on Netflix, Dead Even by Brad Meltzer,

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Dead Even by Brad Meltzer

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Circa's not checking ID, because "they are an over 21 property."

Like Richard pointed out, they ID elderly people who are obviously over 21. And they don't just look at IDs, they scan them into a computer. Who knows what they then do with customers' personal information?

It feels like another small step in the ever increasing corporate/government tracking of the population.