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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Gambling With an Edge - guest Will

Our guest this week is Will.  Will started out as a card counter, moved on to other forms of AP, and then moved into DFS and sports betting.

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Show Notes

 [00:00]  Introduction of advantage player, Will

[01:07]  Will's gambling background

[03:59]  Early bet spreads and late night minimums

[04:54]  Getting deterred by early losses, blackjack forums, finding a team

[10:17]  Trying to return to the team after a 100-hour losing streak, learning new system, retesting

[12:27]  Playing with Darryl Purpose

[14:59]  Moving to Las Vegas, finding games in the U.S.

[21:48]  Hole-carding

[22:48]  Getting backed-off, barred, etc

[28:37]  Differences in advantage play between the U.S. and U.K.

[31:42]  Card counting rules in London clubs

[33:03]  Commercial break

[35:24]  Will's career since 2015

[38:41]  Computer programming

[41:28]  Weak DFS markets

[44:18]  DFS pools versus head-to-head

[46:28]  DFS mindset versus AP mindset

[50:15]  Atlantic City friendly kidnapping story

[57:45]  Recommended:  Laos Asia Market, Death on the Nile, Other Ship app

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