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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Gambling With an Edge - Blackjack Ball 2022

Our guests this week are Max Rubin, and Darryl Purpose.  This episode is about the 2022 Blackjack Ball.

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[00:00]  Introduction of Max Rubin and Darryl Purpose
[00:56]  How was this year's Blackjack Ball different?
[02:32]  The Blackjack Ball 501c3
[05:43]  Organizing the Blackjack Ball and logistics
[07:35]  Blair Hull receives the Ed Thorp Lifetime Achievement Award
[11:00]  Test questions
[17:47]  Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
[19:46]  Guessing states with tribal casinos
[28:56]  Skills test at the final table
[31:39]  Estimating the number of cards in the discard rack
[34:46]  Cutting a card to the dealer
[37:08]  Hole card strategy
[40:08]  Memorization of cards, counting down a deck
[45:46]  Indoor and outdoor areas
[46:43]  Jason England
[49:03]  Darryl's plans for champagne
[53:58]  Recommended:  Mint Mobile, Walter Tevis science fiction books, "Eddie and Jules" by Darry Purpose, Breath by James Nestor,

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