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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Gambling With an Edge - Jim & Dan Pasko

Our guests this week are Jim Pasko, and his son Dan.  Jim has been one of the best backgammon players in the world for 40 years, and together with his son Dan they have been very successful as sports bettors, primarily focused on prop bets. 

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[00:00]  Introduction of gamblers, Jim and Dan Pasko

[00:35]  Does Jim still play backgammon?

[03:17]  Studying backgammon before bots, taking risk

[09:33]  Cheating stories from The Cavendish, scams, magnetic dice

[17:06]  Sport betting

[19:36]  Jim and Dan's background in math

[23:29]  Betting football and nba props, increasing market efficiency

[26:37]  Solving problems for other bettors, combinatorics

[29:12]  Erosion of edges as markets change and evolve





[35:58]  How to  contact Jim and Dan 

[37:15]  Backgammon, learning curves, Stu Ungar

[41:51]  Bomb pots

[49:06]  Recommended;  The Great on Hulu, The Duke, Good Will Hunting, Tombstone

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