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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gambling With an Edge - guests Tommy Hyland & John C.

Our guests this week are Tommy Hyland, and John Chang, on to talk about blackjack teams. Tommy runs the Hyland team, one of the longest running and most successful teams of all time. You can read about him in Gambling Wizards. (Shameless plug) John ran the MIT team and you can read more about him here. Interview.

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Anonymous said...

I was a bit disappointed with this one. I know TH really guards his secrets but I thought you could have hit him with some tougher questions to give the listeners a tidbit of what he's doing now.

Richard Munchkin said...

We all would like to know how top pros are earning their money these days, but this was one of the conditions of the interview that we not ask about those things. The creative player will take ideas that have worked in the past, and find ways to adapt them and make money in the future.

Josh Axelrad said...

Chang's account of spy activities on the part of another blackjack team is a pretty fanciful misinterpretation. And the stealing of players... man, those people weren't cows that got loaded on somebody's truck or anything.