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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gambling With an Edge - guest Richard Marcus, author of American Roulette

This week our guest is Richard Marcus. Richard was a casino cheat, and tonight we will be talking about his book American Roulette.

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Anonymous said...

While Marcus seems very charismatic and friendly,and tells interesting stories, he's still a cheat - the antithesis of an advantage player (and unfortunately, too often confused with an AP by the public). I hope you do NOT have him back on the show, as that's not the kind of Gambling With an Edge that should be publicized nor promoted.

Richard Munchkin said...

I realize that we all want to keep a large distance between APs and cheats. However, there is much to learn from cheats that is helpful to advantage players. This is especially true for poker players. Richard wrote another book called Dirty Poker about the cheating going on at poker. This is really important information for poker players to protect themselves. We will be having him on again in about 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Marcus told a story about him personally buying invisible ink from an optometrist for 5k.
In the American Roulette it was a sting operation setup by the police to catch him. In dirty poker it was a successful scam. Surely both story cannot be true. Any thoughts?

Richard Munchkin said...

This was one of the main stories I wanted to ask him about and never Got the chance. I definitely will ask about it next time he is on.