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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Talking to the enemy?

Regular visitors here know that I do both print interviews, which you can read by clicking the interviews link to the right, and podcast interviews which come from the radio show Gambling With an Edge which I cohost with Bob Dancer. Recently I heard that Colin and Ben of the blackjack team known as The Church Team, had spoken at the recent World Gaming Protection Conference. (The Church Team was featured in the movie Holy Rollers. You can read my review of the movie here.) I wanted to ask them about this, and thought that rather than transcribe it I would put it up as a podcast.  I'd love your feedback. Do you like these shorter interviews as podcasts or would you rather read them?

If you would like to hear what Colin had to say at the conference you can listen to it here.
Click to listen - Alt-click to download


Anonymous said...

I prefer the podcast format, though
it would be nice if your voice would
come out of both speakers. You
recorded your voice on one side and
the guests on another.

Richard Munchkin said...

I think this is now fixed.

Anonymous said...

Prefer the podcast. Thanks.

Ben said...

Thanks for doing this Richard. I hope this promotes some dialogue.

Percy said...

I liked it and thought it hit on some really great points.