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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - card counter Yoshi

Our guest this week is Yoshi. Yoshi was on the show last October.  At that time he had been counting cards for about 14 months, and ran $3,000 into $300,000.  Now he is back a year later, and his bankroll is over a million.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of card counter Yoshi
[01:00] What has happened to Yoshi's bankroll since his last appearance?
[01:50] How many hours is Yoshi playing now?
[02:37] How much is Yoshi betting?
[04:17] Has Yoshi finally had a 100+ hour losing streak?
[05:30] Is Yoshi still optimistic about being an AP indefinitely?
[07:38] How did Yoshi's girlfriend feel about his profession?
[08:27] Would Yoshi return to being an AP if he was single?
[11:00] Would being part of a team rekindle Yoshi's desire for playing?
[12:07] Has Yoshi been able to maintain gambling friendships since he has become inactive?
[13:12] Is Yoshi writing songs about his gambling experiences?
[14:21] What advice would Yoshi give to aspiring card counters?
[20:48] Discussion of burnout and boredom.
[23:32] How did Yoshi deal with CTRs and player's cards?
[27:02] Has Yoshi had any bad back-offs or 86s?
[31:08} SouthPoint October Promotions
[38:23] Has Yoshi had any recent pleasant surprises in casinos?
[41:22] What was Yoshi's tipping policy?
[42:51] Did Yoshi celebrate after reaching any bankroll milestones?
[45:04] Does Yoshi endorse a large spread with no cover strategy?
[49:17] Why did Yoshi like to play standing up?
[55:30] Yoshi shares some other fond memories.

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