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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - guest Captain Jack and G2E 2018

Bob and I are again joined by sports bettor and GWAE columnist Captain Jack to discuss what we saw, liked, or didn't like at the recent Global Gaming Expo held last week in Las Vegas.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Captain Jack and G2E
[00:40] How can casino managers improve sportsbook operations?
[03:40] What new sports betting offerings did Captain Jack see at G2E?
[08:10] In-game betting approval process and regulation.
[11:45] Expansion of Westgate SuperBook to other states.
[12:54] Facial recognition products.
[16:07] A blackjack variant where all hands push on a dealer 16.
[19:06] A "smart shoe" ShuffleMaster blackjack variant.
[20:22] New side bets on most table games.
[21:42] New video poker games: Lucky 8, Max Action Poker, and Stack the Deck, etc
[35:38] Multi-Strike and Super Times Play Keno.
[36:30] Gamblit skill-based games: Pac-Man, Deal or No Deal, etc
[39:18] Gaming Arts' Casino Wizard blackjack game.
[40:20] Stadium games with multiple games, fewer dealers.
[41:17] Next Gaming's skill-based games.
[42:15] SouthPoint Casino October promotions.
[42:37] promotions.
[43:12] car rentals.
[45:11] Cammegh roulette randomness.

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