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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - guest Captain Jack

Our guest this week is Captain Jack.  Captain Jack is a sports bettor and GWAE columnist, and we discuss how sports betting is proliferating in numerous states following the repeal of the PASPA law.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Intro of Captain Jack
[00:30] What is Captain Jack's opinion of sports betting in states that recently legalized sports betting?
[01:52] Sports betting promotions that have a positive expectation.
[03:30] Are there sports betting apps in New Jersey?
[05:03] Are the lines in New Jersey identical to lines in Las Vegas?
[06:02] Are soccer prices different between the U.S. and Europe?
[07:06] What other states are soon going to have legalized sports betting?
[09:30] How would someone know if their home state is good for sports betting?
[13:58] Why is Louisiana facing more opposition to gambling than Mississippi?
[15:30] What will September sports betting in New Jersey revenue be?
[19:14] How is online gambling doing relative to online sports betting in New Jersey?
[20:15] What is the online gambling revenue in New Jersey?
[21:26] Is it wise to ban skilled sports bettors? Does this happen in New Jersey?
[25:02] Why hasn't BetFair done better?
[28:33] The FanDuel Denver vs Oakland live-betting line error incident.
[34:11] Southpoint October promotions
[35:08] AutoSlash saved Bob time and money.
[36:33] promotions
[38:30] What makes a winning sports bettor?
[44:20] How smart are sports betting APs?
[46:52] Reconciling historical data, rule changes, and small sample size.
[51:11] Discussion of sports tout and affiliate services.
[55:35] Captain Jack's column on Gambling with an Edge
[57:55] Captain Jack's Twitter @CapJack2000

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