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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Anthony Curtis

Our guest this week is Anthony Curtis, owner of Huntington Press, and publisher of The Las Vegas Advisor. We discuss room rates for New Years, the new Member Rewards book, and what is new in Las Vegas.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Anthony Curtis from The Las Vegas Advisor and Huntington Press.
[00:42] 2019 Las Vegas Advisor Member Rewards Book
[05:43] Las Vegas Advisor & Draft Kings deals
[13:28] FanDuel is prepaying Alabama National Championship bets
[16:12] Captain Jack's sports betting blog on
[17:45] Expansion of sports betting in the U.S.
[19:16] Room rates for New Year's Eve in Las Vegas
[24:32] Loss rebate offers
[30:51] South Point Casino December Promotions, Free video poker classes
[31:47], free 30-day trial for GWAE listeners
[33:12] Sigma Derby has been removed from MGM Grand.
[35:36] Derek Steven's new downtown casino
[41:08] Resorts World progress
[43:06] Las Vegas in 2020
[46:44] Possible federal regulation in sports betting
[49:49] Jean Scott and Russel Fox's upcoming book about taxes and gambling.
[51:44] Listener question about blackjack rules and betting
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