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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Surveillance Pro, Griff part 2

This week we have a return visit from "Griff," a surveillance director who works somewhere east of Las Vegas. Griff answers questions from our listeners.  We welcome your questions - send them to us at

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Grif, Surveillance Pro
[00:39] Does the mode of transportation affect the casino's opinion of a player?
[01:25] How often to casinos review all available footage of a player?
[04:12] Do casinos track who APs talk to into the casino?
[06:35] How do casinos detect hole carding?
[07:29] How often do casinos read players texts?
[10:12] Has Grif ever seen distractions used as part of a scam?
[14:04] How does surveillance deal with calls about betting table thresholds?
[15:42] What happens when a player receives a sizable marker?
[17:09] Does surveillance get a call for every W2G?
[18:00] Do casinos notify their competitors about known APs or cheaters?
[19:21] Does Grif contribute to OSN? How widely dispersed are OSN flyers?
[20:43] How long is digital surveillance information saved?
[22:42] Has Grif participated in choke point design?
[24:29] Does surveillance have direct access to kiosk or ATM cameras?
[26:04] South Point Casino Promotions - VP classes start 1/8
[27:01] - Game of the Week: Face Card Frenzy
[28:19] What is the difference between a back-off and a trespass?
[31:14] Is there software that can identify various types of advantage play?
[31:42] Does Grif's casino sweat people who track numbers at roulette?
[33:45] How many casinos use RFID chips to track betting patterns?
[35:53] How does the work day begin and end in the surveillance department?
[37:20] How does surveillance head count vary by shift and time of day?
[39:33] Will casinos buy AP literature to educate employees?
[42:11] Is Grif an AP is his spare time?
[43:13] How much analysis is done in real time versus after the fact?
[44:40] Does Grif check other players at the table during a hole-card game?
[46:51] Are their cameras that cannot be seen by the customers?
[48:20] Does a surveillance officer wear a wire when investigating employee theft?
[49:38] Who makes the decision to call the police?
[50:48] Are surveillance and security usually in the same department?
[54:16] Is math aptitude part of the job in surveillance?

"Card Counting for the Casino Executive" by Bill Zender and Derryl Rice

"Burning the Tables in Las Vegas " by Ian Andersen -

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