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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Spanky

Our guest this week is a professional sports bettor, Spanky.  We discuss how Vegas books have changed, his interaction with Billy Walters, and how important getting a good line is.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Intro of Spanky, a sports bettor
[00:30] How did Spanky start gambling?
[01:33] When did Spanky realize that he could make money gambling?
[07:28] How did people in Spanky’s life react to his transition into a professional gambler?
[09:34] Why did Spanky go to Costa Rica?
[12:36] Did Spanky initially also play in online casinos?
[20:24] Did UIGEA impact online sports betting?
[23:26] Is Spanky still able to find arbitrage opportunities?
[26:02] Why is Spanky more successful than other sports bettors?
[28:33] How well does Spanky know Billy Walters?
[32:55] Did Spanky ever develop betting bots?
[34:38] South Point Casino - January Promotions and Free Video Poker Classes
[40:38] Does Spanky make in-game bets?
[42:18] What advice does Spanky have for aspiring sports bettors?
[46:46] What sports betting books does Spanky recommend?
[48:20] What sports does Spanky bet? What sports does he avoid?
[50:43] Do games with less media coverage have higher edges?
[55:14] Spanky’s secrets to a happy life.

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