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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Math Boy

Our guest this week is Math Boy, a former player who used mathematical techniques to beat the house. He speaks about a lot of promotions over the years that have been very lucrative.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Mathboy, an AP with a PhD in mathematics
[00:39] How did Mathboy get started as an AP?
[01:21] Was Mathboy beating casinos before he got his PhD?
[02:00} Discussion of Mathboy's early online gambling experiences.
[14:26] Discussion of potential opportunities in newly legalized sports betting markets.
[17:37] Mathboy's unique approach to loss rebates.
[22:52] Mayboy's story about meeting Bob in in the early 2000's
[26:17] Mathboy discusses a 2001 play at Greek Town casino in Detroit.
[36:23] What was Mathboy's strategy at Three Card Poker?
[42:17] South Point Casino - January promotions and free video poker classes
[44:57] - Game of the Week: Max Action Poker
[46:28] What is Mathboy's video poker variance-splitting pool?
[53:20] Bob and Mathboy discuss their video poker speed-related strategies.
[57:04] Harrah's New Orleans Rolex promotion.


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