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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Surveillance Pro, Griff

Our guest this week is "Griff," a surveillance director who works somewhere east of Las Vegas. Griff answers questions from our listeners.  We welcome your questions - send them to us at

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Show Notes

[00:00] Intro of Grif, The Surveillance Pro
[00:54] Would coloring up during high counts provide cover?
[03:08] Is Hi-Lo tracked by employees or software?
[04:30] How effective are Ian Andersen's cover plays?
[05:48] Who makes the decision to bar a player?
[07:16] Do casinos ever ban losing players?
[07:32] How does facial recognition software perform?
[11:34] Do casinos actively gather license plate data?
[14:33] Do casinos have the ability to scan license plates automatically upon entrance?
[16:22] How does surveillance prioritize their duties?
[18:59] How often is Grif free to look at things on his own?
[22:26] Are hats a big tell for advantage players?
[23:29] Is Grif aware of advantage slot players and efforts to ban them?
[26:59] Does surveillance track regular players who only play high video poker progressives?
[27:58] Does not using a player's card raise any red flags?
[29:02] Does Grif use a database? Who checks the database?
[31:17] How user friendly are the databases?
[32:08] South Point Casino: December Promotions
[33:26] GWAE offer until 12/31
[35:19] Is there a database for player's jewelry?
[38:20] Does drinking alcohol have any effect on the analysis of players?
[39:41] How long does Grif keep pictures of AP's that have not yet been banned?
[41:01] How do casinos treat large wins by non-counters?
[43:37] Does Grif making HR decisions in the surveillance department?
[47:03] Are more losses caused AP's, cheaters, or employees?
[49:18] How prevalent is professional cheating?
[51:15] How often does Grif see advantage play?

"Burning the Tables in Las Vegas " by Ian Andersen -

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