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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Gambling With an Edge - guest Bob Nersesian

Our guest this week is attorney Bob Nersesian. We talk about the recent Nevada Supreme Court case where casinos have to cash your chips if you're a patron, whether or not you can prove you came by those chips in the course of gaming at their establishment. We also discuss a new policy by the Las Vegas Metro about obtaining ID in gambling disputes, a discussion on the practical penalties of being trespassed, and the dangers, if any, of playing a machine that you believe is paying off too much

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Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction of gaming attorney and Blackjack Hall of Famer, Bob Nersesian

[00:46]  Would using high powered glasses to study card imperfections be considered cheating?

[02:26]  Streamers using cameras to stream casino games

[05:41]  What's the worst penalty for returning to a casino a year after being trespassed?

[08:32]  Young vs Nevada Gaming Control Board and its implications

[23:37]  ID requests by police during a formal trespass

[31:18]  South Point Casino October Promotions - Free Play with a Kicker

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[33:53]  Signaling in a one-player carnival game

[37:06]  Using marijuana smell as cover

[39:24]  Do European players have the same rights in the U.S. as American players?

[40:20]  Video poker tables and progressive errors

[45:45]  Covering name on ID during an age check

[48:33]  Using a fake Taiwanese passport

[52:11]  Recommended - Fargo on FX

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