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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Gambling With an Edge - guest Matt of PlusEVanalytics part 2

Our guest this week is a return visit from Matt of http://www.plusevanalytics.com. Some of the topics discussed include pointsbet, which is a newcomer to American sports books. We also talk about correlated parlays, why you should never use a tout, and the difference in US and Canadian sports betting. 

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Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction of Matt, a Canadian actuary, from PlusEVanalytics.com

[00:35]  What is a points better?

[02:25]  Skewness and asymmetric distributions

[03:23]  Caps in a points bet

[04:51]  Player prop distributions

[06:11]  Required collateral

[07:26]  Market efficiency 

[09:11]  Canadian sports betting markets

[14:06]  U.S. tax issues for foreign gamblers

[16:27]  FiveThirtyEight.com

[19:00]  Positive EV situations on Predictit.org 

[24:14]  South Point Casino October Promotions - Free Play with a Kicker

[25:00]  Predictit.org/promo/edge

[25:32]   BlackJackApprenticeship.com - card counting website and community

[26:21]  VideoPoker.com/gwae - Gold Membership offers correction on most games

[27:21]  Pricing counterparty risk

[29:11]  Promotion stories 

[32:54]  Tesla Model S

[34:54]  Correlated parlays 

[40:31]  Domestic versus offshore sports betting

[42:18]  Touts

[48:50]  How can listeners contact Matt?

[49:38]  Recommended - 99 Second Story Telling Contest, My Octopus Teacher, RX Gamble 

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