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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Gambling With an Edge - guest author David Schwartz

Our guest this week is David Schwartz, on to talk about his new book, "At The Sands."

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Dr. David G. Schwartz, author of At The Sands, gaming historian, and professor at UNLV
[00:46] Why write about The Sands
[01:12] Would it be easier to write another book about the same era in Las Vegas?
[02:48] Mob affiliations with The Sands
[03:29] Jack Entratter
[06:49] Marker issuance and collection
[12:05] The Sands becomes high-rise
[13:25] Frank Sinatra
[16:04] Origins of the Rat Pack monicker
[19:11] Sinatra becomes more difficult
[23:39] Confrontation between Frank Sinatra and Carl Cohen
[25:33] De Facto segregation in Las Vegas 
[29:14] Sinatra's role in desegregation
[32:36] South Point Casino December Promotions - Pay Less with your Points 12/14-12/30
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[34:40] - card counting training website and community
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[36:54] Robert Kennedy and other federal officials become interested in Las Vegas
[39:00] The Green Felt Jungle by Ed Reid and Ovid Demaris
[39:42] The mob lingers after a crackdown
[42:52] Howard Hughes and The Sands
[44:35] Sheldon Adelson and The Sands
[47:37] The Sands ages and becomes less elegant
[48:50] The Copa closes
[50:20] The legacy of The Sands
[51:24] Recommended: Gamblers podcast by David Hill at The Ringer, We are The Champions on Netflix

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Books Referenced:
At The Sands by David G. Schwartz
Grandissmo: The First Emperor of Las Vegas by David G. Schwartz
The Green Felt Jungle by Ed Reid and Ovid Demaris
The Vapors by David Hill

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