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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Gambling With an Edge - RX Gamble

Our guest today is longtime advantage player RxGamble.  Rx is on to talk about longevity, and beginner mistakes.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of advantage player, RxGamble
[00:41] RxGamble's 2019 Hole Card Workshop, and upcoming Zoom call
[06:16] The importance of longevity
[09:13] Name changes and disguises
[12:02] Playing unrated, loss plays
[18:45] Stories about giving up EV to avoid showing ID
[24:30] Leveraging female beauty as an AP
[29:25] Slots longevity
[32:03] BPs making rookie mistakes
[33:40] South Point Casino January Promotions - $400k Spin to Win
[34:46] - place small bets on various political events, $20 deposit match for GWAW listeners
[36:01] - card counting training site and community
[36:15] - Gold Membership offers correction on most games
[37:27] Rookie mistakes and reconciling player errors
[47:54] Rookie mistakes with security
[53:13] Showing ID to police officers
[54:29] Sharing players card face up, sharing name
[1:01:51] Recommended - Planet Money "Fork the Government," Rock Breaks Scissors by William Poundstone, The Woman Who Smashed Codes by Jason Fagone

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Rock Breaks Scissors by William Poundstone
The Woman Who Smashed Codes by Jason Fagone


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