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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Gambling With an Edge - guest Consultant AP

Our guest this week is a former surveillance director, Consultant AP. He left surveillance to become an AP.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of former surveillance employee and current AP, Consultant AP
[00:47] Consultant AP's background in surveillance
[02:11] Learning about advantage play
[05:32] What surveillance skills are helpful in advantage play?
[07:35] Consultant AP begins to dabble in advantage play
[09:26] Sports betting
[16:15[ Barrings and back-offs in Las Vegas
[20:10] Coming up with the name Consultant AP
[21:17] Meeting RxGamble and spotting APs from surveillance
[27:31] South Point December Promotions - Pay Less with Your Points, Christmas Day Hot Seat
[28:55] - place small bets on various political events, $20 deposit match for GWAE listeners
[30:15] - Gold Membership offers correction on most games
[31:12] Meeting RxGamble
[35:55] A consulting job example
[40:00] Teaching with RxGamble
[43:20] Is Consultant AP still tied into the surveillance community?
[45:15] Which Las Vegas casinos are flyer happy?
[47:33] Do surveillance employees have time to look for advantage players?
[49:27] Listeners can reach Consultant AP via Twitter DM @ConsultantAP
[50:29] Blackjack Discord
[51:48] @TedWhitingsMom
[54:46] Recommended - Thai Kitchen, Boulevard Bar and Grille

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