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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Gambling With an Edge - Frank B on Super Bowl 2023

Our guest this week is sports bettor Frank B, on to talk about betting this year's Super Bowl.

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[00:00]  Introduction of sports bettor Frank B
[00:43]  Hedging, vig, psychological and bankroll considerations
[04:50]  Ratio of overs to unders
[07;30]  Same game parlays
[10:00]  Calculating standard parlay payouts
[13:16]  Differences in Super Bowl betting in different states
[21:30]  Opportunities created by a weekend influx of recreational bettors
[23:51]  Kiosks, apps, and betting in Nevada
[28:33]  What lines are likely to be moved by recreational bettors?
[30:34]  Patrick Mahomes
[31:41]  Imbalances in regional lines
[33:21]  Commercials
[35:41]  Cross sports bets
[43:21]  Resetting of slot machines
[50:40]  Recommended:  The Pez Outlaw on Netflix, Las Vegas Advisor sportsbook deal in Arizona

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